Full Interview with Leah Ezekial

What value do you believe to be the most important?

     Leah: Kindness. There is always a way to be kind in this world and I think it's so important. Especially in a time and place like this where political tensions are so high, that we remember how human we are and to do everything we do with positive intentions and compassion for those around us.


Describe yourself in 5 words

    Leah: A space critter that got lost? 


How did your upbringing affect the way you express yourself as an individual?

    Leah: I was the five year old that sat down in the middle of a soccer game to pick a small bouquet of daisies - the one that was infatuated by the details and my own imagination, but a bit disconnected from the world around me, which pretty much sums up how I experience the world to this day.

Why are fashion and art so special to you?

   Leah: Both art and fashion have allowed me to express myself in ways that go beyond what words can say. There are only so many words but there are infinite color combinations, textures, lines, and opportunities to create something entirely new.

When did you begin these passions? Have they helped you grow as a person?

   Leah: Art has influenced me since I could probably hold a crayon. My love for fashion started off as a curiosity for making my own clothes and sewing around the age of 11 0r 12.

What does self expression through fashion mean to you?

   Leah: It's the way I present myself to the world and first introduce myself to anyone. It's the best way I know how to express who I am.

Do you have any upcoming goals? Big future goals?

   Leah: I'm in the process of moving to Oakland which is currently taking over my life. But I do want to get more into the the modeling industry once I'm all moved out and settled in. 

How do you feel about the lack of diversity in the modeling industry?

   Leah: It's frustrating!!! Being constantly reminded by social media what a "perfect" and "successful" person looks like and knowing how much easier it is for people who naturally fit into that celebrated, modelesque box. I would rather be a model that people want for my individuality and how I stand out rather than one that simply meets a narrow-minded checklist.