A few weeks ago I received an email from my mom with the poem "Guest House" by Rumi attached. She said that it reminded her of me and it was exactly what I needed to read in that moment. Last week I then encountered this Tarot offering by Jessica Dore which not only re...

A mood board for the month of November. 

The Chicago based band, Lala Lala, at their last stop in San Francisco's Cafe Du Norde while on tour with Mothers. 

Mood Board for the month of October.

PLANNED PARTY: A benefit for Planned Parenthood

In August I coordinated an art and music show for Planned Parenthood. We raised a great amount of money and had a great time. Thank you to everyone that supported. (:

Art by :  Leah Ezekial, Lauren Antigoni, Kevin Davis, Cl...

Darci’s new album on Team Love Records, Juniper Street, will be out on October 5th. Save the date(: Events and more surprises are on their way. Also check out a sneak peak of the album below and listen to Paper Boat. 


A trip to Salvation Mountain featuring Besso. 

Mood Boad for the month of September 

A first hand take on understanding your identity while growing up as part of the online “influencer generation”

    With social media’s gradual encompassing of lives, I find it harder and harder for people of this generation to navigate growing into their authentic selv...

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